Ocean Spiral, an Underwater City Planned

The researchers will discover and research ways to unearth resources from seabed, at the base of Ocean Spiral.

Imagine how it would feel to live under water, to perform your daily chores in the sea bed, to work in the offices with the marine life, to unearth the secrets hidden in water and to make huge business dealings in ocean. Good news is, this imagination is going to come true within the coming years and many people will be actually living in water as said by Shimuzu Corp.’s a Japanese company.

Shimizu Corp.’s has revealed its plan for an underwater city which will be able to house 5,000 people. This plan is known as Ocean Spiral. The design of ocean spiral is based on a floating 500 meter wide sphere which will be linked to a resource centre lying on ocean floor through a fifteen kilometer helix shaped pathway.

Ocean Spiral Underwater city planned

The central dome or the sphere will have the capacity to house offices and residencies. At the base of the city, researchers will research and dig the oceanic resources and excavate them from the sea bed.

Shimizu Corp.’s is a Japan based construction company. This company says that the project of Ocean Spiral is realistic and that the technology which is needed to conduct this project and to make this project possible will be available within the coming 15 years.

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