Identify Geographic Risk For Construction using Aon Risk Portal

Aon risk solution produced an interactive tool that can help pointing out potential legal, insurance and catastrophic exposure roadblocks.

This interactive tool allows the contractors and developers to access the real time updates about risks across USA and to maintain risk profiles.

Construction risk portal is a web based risk assessing tool. This helps the clients to navigate the risk while working in different geographies and topographies. This tool has been produced by construction service group of Aon Risk Solutions.

Construction risk portal is a single website with only two applications

Construction risk map:

It offers with macroeconomic vantage of construction risk climate across the country. Construction risk map also identifies special issues like insurance requirements, legislation and litigation. This all contributes to construction risk rating, hence this application can be considered as searchable reference library.

Aon Risk Management

Construction Risk Register:

With the help of construction risk register, the clients are able to create project and location specific risk profiles which are based on statistics about the project. Risk profile of a project has three components

• State specific statuses and case laws based on construction specific issues
• Map that plot’s project location and associated risks based on information provided.
• Risk matrix which plots severity of jurisdictional issues and catastrophic exposures at the construction area

Johnson and Bell a real estate and construction litigation firm has helped Aon Risk Solution to produce this tool.

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