EasyEst Pro- Construction Estimating Software Review

This construction estimation software specializes in making excellent biddings, at the cost of making sure that the user studies the functions of this program. This has advances settings when it comes to bids and estimations which make it faster to calculate estimations and bids here. This application comes with various tutorial videos so the user can provide this upon training, and first timers will be able to easily get the hang of using this software.

Aside from the training videos, here are some worthy functions of the EasyEst Professional:

• Has sample databases for starters to base upon, or they can modify and learn from it.
• A system that handles group sorting for those areas that have the same names like rooms. It also grants users to calculate costs per group to make estimations easier to handle.

• Also well-programmed in calculation for tables to handle adjustments for costs, percentages, labor, and item expenses.

• Able to generate a list of vendors for the user to have character reference, and so as lists for potential clients.

• Users will be able to generate their own formulas for estimations, and cost counting using this tool. This is good for those doing advanced calculations.

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• Budgeted lists can be broken down into schedules, turning them into useful time-based information in order to have an organized work for the team.

• Handles integration for programs that make estimated costs, accounting management, CAD software for detailed construction estimations, and it works perfectly with Microsoft Project.

• Report services, for users who want to duplicate a report for reference, or editing it to modify. Also includes capability of creating own reports for those who got an idea already.

This application is very useful in terms of estimation and accounting, the only con of this software is that it does not have mobile features, which is needed for those who need to update the work while on-te-go.

For more info visit at easyest.com

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