Here is the interesting Results of Construction Industry Software Survey

Compared to other industries, the construction industry is moving slower in the acceptance and use of newer, more integrated software. According to Construction an organization that researches and surveys development takeoff programming -have finished a review of 385 construction organizations with gross incomes of $100 million or less to perceive how quick takeoff programming is continuously incorporated into the assessing and offering procedure of those organizations. Of the number that was surveyed, only a few companies conceded that industry expansion was the reason why they chose to seek out the newer software.

Construction Industry Software Survey

Those companies also stated that the software would assist in “increasing buyers’ capacity for writing bids,” according to Software-Advice. Most new buyers of the integrated software were relying on manual software, like Excel, as well as other rudimentary construction instruments, such as scales, rulers and printed plans. For more information on the survey and to view the associated charts, visit

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