Why to use Hard Dollar - Construction Estimating Software

This excel like software enables its users to edit and check details for their accounting and construction calculation with easy access, and a familiar feel for those who are used in office applications. It is flexible depending upon the user’s location because they can easily adjust the rate of currency and the area where they will do the project using this application. Users can also make assemblies for their costs so it can be grouped and stored for future use, ensuring that the user will feel convenience in a faster pace rather than saving them one by one.

Here are some well known features of Hard Dollar:

Design integration for those who do CADs, very reliable especially if you are an architect.

Capability of connecting you to different financial systems available, complete with easy calculation access for those who want to have a fast and reliable source of computing all costs, accounts and payroll.

HardDollar Project Cost Management Tool

Live scheduling for those who wants an organized and established way of doing work. These interfaces are handled by many popular systems for payrolls, and time management.

This application is also made for users who want accurate and reliable results in organizing their projects in terms with accounts, schedules, tasks, logs, payroll, calculations, and managing the worker’s stats since the program is said to have real-time service.

Real time is also used for connecting with the clients, employees, and others involved in the project.


Application Programming Interface is also present so users can also update the records to other systems in order for better backing up of files and in order not to ruin the works done in this program if ever it will be transferred.

There is a certain con in this program in regards with connection inconsistency with the phone and its email support. It is also indicated that the live chat is not working properly. But rest assured that this integrates with third party software in order to make things easier for you and your workers’ needs.

For more info please check : harddollar.com/products/hd-estimating/