Bid4Build - Construction Estimating Software Review

Bid4Build is a construction estimating software designed to check your construction needs at the palm of your hand as it is not just for your home computers and laptops, but also compatible for iPhone and iPad, thus making this application very portable, convenient, quick, and easy to use since it is already stated that smart phones and tablets have applications that has easy access when it comes to their options, rather than the options displayed on the computer applications.

Bid4Build is made for those who want to manage their construction needs and it has multiple features. Here are the key functions of this application:

An easier way to view because it features two screens at the same time, and you can also view the items depending if it is by category or area.

Bid4Build Estimating Software Review

It also has the capability of transferring and syncing data into iPad and iPhone for easier access.

Users can also make estimate reports for their construction estimations so they can make an overview on what has been done. They can also make other things like templates for construction and so as contracts.

Calculators so users can make their own calculations for their needs in construction at a faster and easier rate.

Improved search feature so users can browse for different project and customer information. If the speed of your internet is good enough, then the application will surely bring faster results for you to check upon.

Tax Management System so users can keep track of the taxes included when it comes to its requirements. It is also hinted that this is also important for those who work in Canada due to the Federal taxes included there.

Good for networks that consists of local servers, and for those who needs to provide shared information for both clients and employees alike in order to have good communications and sharing of files so everyone can be updated with the project.

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