Construction App: Trimble Inspector & Pro

This app is a product of Trimble Navigation Limited and is a free app. The app can be easily accessed on all android mobiles and apple devices. Users of this Trimble Inspector and Inspector Pro do not need any kind of paper and pencil for the inspections of machines, assets and equipments.

This is a simple app and contains existing libraries of equipments, makes and models, inspection checklists and machine and vehicle types. Visual inspections can be performed with this app on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Photos and reports of the inspection can be mailed to offices and respective authorities.


A Smartphone or tablet can be used to access and inspect all the assets for free in Trimble Inspector. Trimble Inspector Pro is the premium version of app which provides the users the option to aggregate and share the conditions of assets to multiple places using software named Trimble Asset Manager.


Customized inspection reports and comprehensive maintenance reports can only be prepared on pro version of the app. Record of equipment services and notification of equipment status on site; are also the features of pro version. All other features can be accessed on free version.

Using this app equipment maintenance can be scheduled; hours, odometer reading and general conditions can be reported via email; Visual health status can easily be collected; Photos of legal documentation for the audit reports can also be taken and trade in or auction house inspection services can also be used. 


Trimble Inspector and Inspector Pro


Available for Apple as well as Android Devices