StreetSmart App - A Web-based Management Tool

StreetSmart is a mobile app which is cloud based. This application is able to turn any mobile into data collection pool and is helping the business personals and their employees worldwide.


The app is developed by Xora Inc. if you have a StreetSmart license than this app is free for you. License of StreetSmart is offered on a rate of approximately 1 dollar per day. The app is available for all the android phones and apple devices.


StreetSmart is able to collect location, job information and time from the job site and then convert it into information to be acted upon. The application helps the customers to achieve the goals and meet the productivity. As said by the company Xora Inc. the customers who use this app are satisfied and they say that this app has helped them to get a better bonding with their employees and thus developing high levels of trust in working atmosphere.

Customers can easily know that they are not over charged using this app as it provides with the segment of billable and non billable time. Invoices, electronic timesheets and custom forms can be created using StreetSmart app. It is also able to capture barcode scans, photos and electronic signatures.

The app has many features which include record shift, recording start and stop times, communicating the job receipt, communicating starting and completion status, capture the items, navigating to customer locations, customizing job templates for industry and creating and receiving instant alerts.




StreetSmart by Xora


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