QuickBooks GoPayment - Accept Credit Cards with Your Mobile

This app is developed by Intuiq Inc. it costs 19.95$ per month with perswipe charges. You can also pay as you go with per swipe charges, for this you do not have to pay the monthly charges. QuickBooks GoPayment is available for all androids and apple devices.


You can accept credit card payments with this application in your mobile. The application has a credit card reader that can be plugged into mobile and used to accept the credit cards anywhere you go. Credit card reader available with the application is free.


Mobile camera can be used to key enter, swipe and scan credit cards. Finger is used for signing the transaction. This app can also be used to check the payments and record the cases.


QuickBooks online, QuickBooks Desktop and point for sale can be used to sync the mobile credit card transactions. Itemized receipt in the form of electronic mail or text message can also be received. Business logo can be added and personalized receipts can also be found out.


You can add almost 50 users who use GoPayment and can easily get payments and records of your business. This application is compatible for visa, Discover, American Express Credit cards and MasterCard.




QuickBooks GoPayment


Available for Apple as well as Android Devices