FieldLens- Docs, Assign Job and Track Jobsite info

This app is produced by FieldLens Inc. the users have to pay 15 dollars per month for this app and it is available on apple, android as well as web.


This app is developed for construction project manager and is designed particularly for contractors of construction. The app allows its users to connect with everyone associated with job and job site. The work of multiple contractors can be added and viewed using this application.


Videos, photos, voice notes and attachments of any format can be added by contractors in FieldLens. Issues with status updates, comments and multimedia can also be added. Custom reports can be generated in the formats of PDFs, spreadsheets and web based links.


The app offers many features:

- Assignment and tracking of information in any mobile device
- Turning of jobsite notes in any format
- Working whether online or offline
- Adding images and videos in galleries
- Sharing with every one (you can share the items with users of app as well as the non users)
- Make up of photos using touch screen and syncing of project directory on all devices. Manpower feature is a special feature which allows tracking actual manpower numbers on specific date, time and event. This feature also helps to track the number of workers on any site for a particular day.


FieldLens- Review Docs, Assign Job and Track Jobsite info


Available for Apple and Android Devices