Estimate ALL Pro - Construction Estimating Apps

This is another ingenious app designed by JLGpro apps. This is a simple app which allows for estimation. The estimations can be done for different clients or for the same client but stored under different titles. The estimates are then able to be searched, viewed, edited and deleted. Once the estimate is named, just add the item name, description and quantity and unit price. It even adds an option and allows you to scan the barcode for the item so it can be searched for online at a later date. Once done, the app then does the calculations; adds taxes where necessary and gives the grand total.


The Estimate All Pro app features:

• Unlimited estimate saves
• Add limitless items (Construction, Concrete, Furniture, and Painting)
• Remodeling
• Search, view and delete estimates.
• Email estimates to anyone


The Estimate All Pro app


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