Zero Energy Housing - The Future Of Residential Housing


InsulWall by Bondor is a quick and simple wall installation. This concept is used before for commercial buildings project only. But now with Bondor's InsulWall, it works for residential projects. Easy, Quick and Simple Wall Installation process and the future of residential housing with Zero energy housing.


Advantages of using InsulWall

- Easy, Quick and Simple Wall Installation
- Traditional Method of Plastering Internal Joints
- Achieve a Flat Internal Painted Finish
- Apply Dulux Acratex Quickly and Seamlessly
- All-in-One Installation of Roofing, Insulation and Ceiling
- Pre-cut service ducts ready for electrical conduit
- Simply fix fascia flashings ready for gutter
- Limitless flexible design options
- InsulLiving's Perfect Finish


InsulWall® System by Bondor



Zero Energy Housing with InsulWall


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