Suspended Slab and Beam Tips & Tricks- Methods of Construction

Suspended Slab and Beam Tips & Tricks- Methods of Construction. Following tips is going to help you a lot. Don't forget to watch the full video.


Columns: Erect scaffolding for beams and slab shutter support. Ensure to check the level difference between beam bottom and slab. Make sure that base jacks have been provided for level adjustment in case of discrepancies.


Sutter Fixing: Brace the columns and provide shutters for the remaining column height up to beam level. Make sure the top of the concrete column is roughened (Chipped).


Provide Edge protection for safety: Fix the beam reinforcements Anchored into the columns. Check reinforcement size and number as per design schedule.


Watch the following video for full step by step tips for a Suspended Slab and Beam.




Suspended slab and beam