Introducing Trimble CrewSight System

Introducing Trimble CrewSight System, an automated jobsite management solution that has enabled the contractors for the quickly and manages the field personnel of the construction site. It has automated the workers management, how to manage them, to enter or leave the site of the job and also allows the tighter tracks of progress for pinpointing the discrepancies and also identifies the opportunities for optimizing the process of the work.


• They can automatically capture data from the magic sensors of the Thing magic sensors.

• There are the supervisors of the site that can receive the alerts at the phones and the tablets in the real time if there is a requirement of an emergency occurs.

• They provide the data which is up to date and that can be accessed from the enabling of the web device.

• They allow the contractors for monitoring the each and every zone of the site; and also supports the monitors and the multiple sites of the interface of the same user

• There is a crew sight that allows contractors for collecting, viewing, analyzing and storing the workers’ data.

• The users may select the hardware sensor devices to collect the information for the entry of the worker and exit at this jobsite.

• The contractors have an option for using the guard assisted worker of check-in, worker’s self-check-in and having hard access having the turnstile and vehicle gates.

• There is an enrollment station and that allows the companies for verifying and enrolling the each worker of the system priority for entering.


Introducing Trimble CrewSight System

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