Welding Splice Design of Beam Spreadsheet Download - Beam Welding Splice Design Spreadsheet
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Welding Splice Design of Beam Spreadsheet Download - Beam Welding Splice Design Spreadsheet

A splice welding is a method of joining two members end to end. The splice joint is used when the material being joined is not available in the length required. It is an alternative to other joints such as the butt joint and the scarf joint. Splice joints are stronger than unenforced butt joints and have the potential to be stronger than a scarf joint.

Splices are therefore most often used when structural elements are required in longer lengths than the available material. The most common form of the splice joint is the half lap splice, which is common in building construction, where it is used to join shorter lengths of timber into longer beams.

The estimation for welding splices of beams can be made using construction sheet. The structural designers find these spreadsheets very useful as these will serve as guide to structural designer on site on how to settle any discrepancies all through construction activities in construction jobsite. To design the splice, there should be stiffening plates on each side. The moment resisting connections consist of splices in column and beams together with apex connections in portal frames, and Column bases.

The ready template of the design estimate sheet makes it easier to work on. The user friendly feature of the spreadsheet along with automated functions reduces the unnecessary hard work.

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beam splice welded connection design

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