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A Construction Proposal is package created when a builder is bidding on a contract for a construction project. This is also known as a bid response. The construction proposal includes five different items which are – tender documents, blueprints, artist rendering, detailed specification and pricing. These are the items which are always required no matter what the size of the project is.

The details in this construction proposal are such that they provide sufficient information to the recipient which helps to decide between multiple project designs and builders. Also this same set of proposal documents is used for the submission to the planning and permission board for the city or the region that provides the permission required to go ahead with the project.

A Construction Proposal Invoice is basically a list of items and services provided along with the sum total of the dues for these. Since making this list is a tedious job and requires lots of formatting and calculation, so here we come to your rescue.

You can sit back and relax, we got you covered. We have a well prepared Construction Proposal Invoice template, in which you just need to enter the items and services and corresponding sums, and you can see that all the calculations are happening itself. Now you need not put those extra efforts and hours to do that cumbersome excel simulation work.

You can rely on our format, it is acceptable widely. It is prepared keeping in mind the easy user interface and operability. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and download the template. Make your work speedier and your life easier.

This construction cost sheet allows you a quick, efficient and comprehensible cost effective forms solution for construction cost estimate and creating a general construction cost estimate sheets for Construction projects.

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