Review of CostX Estimating - The complete 3D/BIM and 2D estimating solution

CostX is a Construction Estimating Software with an On-screen Takeoff System. Get benefits of 2D Takeoff, 3D BIM Takeoff, Workbooks, Auto-Revisioning, Subcontractor comparison, Paperless estimating and more.


CostX® Features

2D Takeoff
Quickly and accurately measure from scanned, PDF or CAD drawings.


3D / BIM Takeoff
Easily view and generate automatic quantities from 3D BIM.


Workbooks live-linked to drawings and user-defined rate libraries. Unlimited code libraries and zoning for sorting.


Compare drawings, highlight changes and update the quantities and workbooks.


Subcontractor comparison

Subcontractor comparison workbook with associated reports.


Paperless Estimating
Work in a paperless electronic environment and email your report with the free CostX viewer.


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