GeoJot+ - The Field Data Collection App

There is an app in smartphones and androids about field data collection. This app is called as GeoJot +. With this app smartphones and tablets can be converted to data collection tools. Geojot+ services can be subscribed annually. With the subscription to these services, the organization becomes capable of capturing the field data on different mobile devices. Data can be captured using geo tagged photos and uploading them on the cloud automatically. After uploading of photos they can be processed in offices for making of reports and maps. Inputs in database of projects can also be added using GeoJot +.


Accurate proof of performances, audits of assets and compilation of documents can be quickly performed with this system. It is considered to be a simple and a powerful application. This system also provides free trial for 15 days. Annual subscription services of GeoJot+ are built on powerful and popular products of GeoSpatial Experts.


GeoJot+ App - The field data collection app


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