BeamDesign App for Engineers - Design Continuous Beams

BeamDesign App for Engineers - Design Continuous Beams


BeamDesign App is developed by LetsConstruct and this app is very useful for civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects and students to design continuous beams.


Best and awsome app ever with accurate answers. Download today at Google Play.

Main features are:


- F, T and q (rectangular and triangular) loads
- Fixed and hinge connections at beam ends
- Moment, Shear, Stress, Deflection, Reaction forces and Unity checks
- Imposed deflections
- M, N, V, ux, uz, utot, phi, sigma and unity checks output
- Fixed, hinge and roller supports in any direction
- Load cases and load combinations, including safety factors
- Profile groups; each group can have its own color

- Import any steel profile or general section from our free Engineering Libraries (EU, UK, AU, US & CA profiles)
- Import dxf files
- Annotations
- Formulas
- Multi copy
- Scale entire structure
- Trim/extend
- Available in 10 Languages
- Save your structures in the cloud (CloudConstruct)
- Built-in simple scientific calculator
- Wobbly effect


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